Apple Mum on Details of Black Friday Sale; Focus Expected to Be on iPad This Year

Written By Sam on 25 November 2010

Finally word from Apple on Black Friday, or the ‘special one-day Apple shopping event’ as it chooses to call it. The company’s word is in actuality no word at all because it is practically mum on details of what its shopping event will entail. We expect some good deals, though a few details could have helped. But Apple has chosen to keep it under wraps. All we know is the company will open its retail stores at 8 a.m on November 26 and that there will be ‘dozens of great iPad, iPod, and Mac gifts’ to dig into. If you want to avoid getting shoved or pushed for deals, you can also choose to shop at the company’s online store.

Since the details of the Apple sale is sketchy, there has been speculation on what the company is most likely to do this year based on what it doled out to customers last year. The deals weren’t bad but discounts were marginal for Macs, MacBooks, and iPods. There were offers on software and accessories as well. But we cannot recall any deal that proved to be an ultimate steal. This year the focus is likely to be on the iPad; but don’t expect anything at rock-bottom prices.

Well, we will have to wait till Friday to see if Apple manages to throw some surprises this year. Till then, the company suggests you visit its online store ‘for great ideas’ and brace up for the ‘shopping event’.

2 Responses to “Apple Mum on Details of Black Friday Sale; Focus Expected to Be on iPad This Year”

  1. Name: Mark says:

    They sell based on the mentality that their products are worth paying for. Apple is all about image, nothing else. They don’t have to be the best company out there, they just have to make you think that. They don’t have to be the most innovative, just make it appear like they came up with it. They’re great at finding dying tech and resurrecting it and making it mainstream. They’re all show, little substance. But hey, it works for them – when was the last time you convinced someone that they needed a laptop without a keyboard?

  2. Tony says:

    WHooa, Apple – slow down there with the discount. $11 on an ipod!! damn thats deal.
    How much has the company made in last 5 years? Would an actual deal from apple hurt.

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