Black Friday 2010 and Pre-Thanksgiving Day Mobile Deals Not Likely to Make Customers Drool

Written By Sam on 24 November 2010

Black Friday is not far away and while we have yet to hear of deals, which will make us camp at the shop front the night before, there are some good offers nonetheless. There are also some Pre-Thanksgiving Day offers from large retailers, which should make those happy who are not enamored with the Black Friday concept of scrambling madly for the product they desire so much. Here we give some good deals and offers for mobiles from large names for Pre-Thanksgiving day offers which should give you adequate time to plan your acquisition. You can sleep in peace, wake up at leisure and buy the Pre-Thanksgiving day offering of your choice. No mad scrambling or waiting in queues for you, if you are not that type. If you are, there are of course ample opportunities to show of your scrimmage skills.

AT&T Black Friday Sale slated to begin at 12.01 AM, ET on 26th Friday will offer rotating promotions that will be alive till Monday the 29th with each day having a different theme. Supplies are limited and items are going to be made available online. Items on offer will include Blackberry Torch, Pantech Link, LG Vu Plus, Sharp FX, HTC, Blackberry Curve, Motorola and Sony Ericsson Xperia X30.

U.S. Cellular Black Friday Sale goes live Tuesday 22nd to Monday 29th—an extended period by all means to take advantage of Samsung Mesmerize, HTC Desire, LG Apex and Samsung Acclaim on offer here at very, very good prices.

T-Mobile Black Friday Sale is is already on since 3 November and if you did not know about it, what were you doing. However, do not worry they will make some good offers still for Black Friday sales and holiday shopping. Tmobile Comet, LG Optimus, Motorola Defy and Charm, Mobile data plans and tethering and wi-fi sharing plans are on offer right now. Rush to T-mobile if you feel like checking out their offers.

Verizon Black Friday Sale is on from Monday the 19th and will last till 7 January 2011, a pretty longish season but with only one announced promotion. There is a discount of $ 9.99 on new smartphones bought between 19 November to 7 January. Flipside is that you have to enter into a 2 year contract and a $ 29.99 monthly data plan. The hook goes deep.

Target Pre-Thanksgiving Day Sale is alive and running since Monday, 21 November, and is only up to 24 while Walmart Pre-Thanksgiving sale is on from 17-25 November.

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