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Written By Sam on 21 November 2012

Indian Railways is an state owned enterprise, owned and operated by the government of India through the Ministry of Railways. IR operates both long distance and suburban rail systems on a multiple gauge network of broad, metre and narrow gauges. It also owns locomotive and coach production facilities at several places in India and are assigned codes identifying their gauge, kind of power and type of operation. Its operations cover twenty four states and three union territories and also provides limited international services to Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Indian Railways is the world’s fourth largest commercial or utility employer, by number of employees, with over 1.4 million employees. The Indian Railways, becoming one of the largest networks in the world. Indian Railways is divided into several zones, which are further sub-divided into divisions. The number of zones in Indian Railways is increased to sixteen. Each zonal railway is made up of a certain number of divisions, each having a divisional headquarters. There are a total of sixty-eight divisions.

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd., (IRCTC LTD) a PSU of Ministry of Railways has developed a system for advance booking of rail tickets through Internet. The website for online booking is www.irctc.co.in and the site is very sign secured. Booking procedures are simple and user friendly. It also performs the tourism operations. The website also provides online Indian railways information about the train numbers, train routes, train PNR status, seat availability and train schedule. For doing the IRCTC reservation of the seats for the train journey, passengers are required to register themselves online.

Travelers can register on IRCTC for free and then use http://www.irctc.co.in login page to book tickets. However, they require to submit a valid mobile number and email ID at the time of registration. The registration allows users to get book tickets online through irctc.co.in. IRCTC also offers travelers the option of booking tickets under the tatkal quota. As per the tatkal scheme of IRCTC, passengers can book tickets under the tatkal quota only one day in advance. Also, only four passengers under one PNR number can book tickets under the tatkal quota. Tatkal tickets are given on the “first come first serve basis”. The facility of tatkal tickets is available on all classes of seats except First A/c. No refunds and no duplicate tatkal tickets can be issued except in exceptional circumstances. Tatkal tickets to be issued on the production of one of the eight prescribed photo ID card proofs. Agents and RTSAs are restricted from booking these tickets at counters or through internet from 8:00 hrs to 12:00 hrs.

Another important element is the passenger photo ID and at least one passenger should carry a valid ID during the journey. IRCTC offers a simple and convenient way for passengers to book tickets online. IRCTC offers two kinds of tickets i.e., e-ticket and i-ticket. The e-ticket is booked online and the passenger can take the print out while the i-ticket is also booked online but the print is couriered to the user. The e-tickets, on the other hand, are provided in non-printed form. The IRCTC is also encouraging users to carry these tickets in their mobiles or laptops rather than making use of paper for printing these. Both the booking and the cancellation of the e-tickets and i-tickets can also be done using the mobile platform based services including the SMS and internet driven facility. Service charges for i-tickets will vary from normal charges, service charge of Rs. 40 per ticket in lower class and Rs. 60 per ticket in upper class is leviable in addition to the train charges. Maximum six passengers are allowed per ticket. A maximum of 10 tickets can be booked in a month by an individual. Customer is allowed to register only one user ID with correct details. Internet tickets can be booked for journey between any two stations on the route of the train including originating station and destination. Full fare of tickets including tatkal, child tickets and tickets for senior citizens at concessional rates can alone booked through the website. Customers should go through the Terms and Conditions which are available in the website before registration. After the ticket is booked successfully, an email will be sent to the customer detailing the PNR, ticket status, fare charged. In case of wait listed tickets, subsequent alerts regarding the latest position are also sent through email.

For IRCTC online booking and reservation, at the time of booking, travelers have login using their username and password. Select the cities they are traveling from and to, select either the e-ticket or i-ticket option, select the quota/class like, general, sleeper class, AC etc., select the boarding point of their journey. Travelers have to enter their personal details such as name, age, sex, berth preference and if a senior citizen, have to check in a box provided in the booking form as senior citizens are entitled to special discounts. Once all the details are entered, the system will provide the traveler with their ticket details, the price and the seat availability. Based on all these details, the travelers can make the payment using credit cards, a credit EMI option, direct debit or debit cards. A service charge of up to 1.8% is charged by most of the payments.

In E-ticketing scheme, passengers get their reservation booked through internet while sitting at home and occupy their reserved seat on the basis of Electronic Reservation slip (ERS) taken out from their own computer or SMS sent by IRCTC or Railways along with the original Identity card. E-tickets can also booked from mobile phone also. Cancellation of e-tickets can be done through online but before the reservation chart has been prepared, which is ideally at least 4 hours before the departure of the train. A cancellation fee is deducted and the money is credited back the account the payment was made from. Tickets cannot be cancelled after the reservation chart has been prepared. There is no refund on
confirmed tatkal tickets.

IRCTC PNR status or Passenger Name Record is a unique ID number for every ticket booked when traveling through Indian Railways. The number is printed on the top left corner of every ticket. To know the status of bookings and cancellations, passengers can log on to the IRCTC website and get details about their bookings using the PNR number.

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