Dropbox Buys Snapjoy Photo Service

Written By Sam on 22 December 2012

Snapjoy announced today that it has been purchased by cloud storage firm Dropbox. Snapjoy is a startup focused on aggregating photos from various sharing services like, Picasa, Flicker, and Instagram, and devices providing users access to them in one place via a web interface and iOS app. A week ago, Dropbox announced the acquisition of Audiogalaxy, a music streaming app that allowed users to receive their playlist based music from their own PC, on their smartphone. Bit by bit Dropbox is adding capabilities to its storage platform that offers services to its users beyond simply storage.

Snapjoy Photo Service

Snapjoy is a photo library where users can organize and collect photos spread across multiple online and offline sources like desktops, phones, Flicker, etc., to be stored in one large cloud- based account. Using Snapjoy, users can view these images online or via an iOS app. These images can also be shared with friends. Dropbox also announced a major update for its iOS app. The most prominent of the iOS updates is the Photo tab, and it pullsin photos that were automatically uploaded to Dropbox and photos that were uploaded from other places into one place.

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