How Apple Safari Browser Got Its Name

Written By Sam on 22 December 2012

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple Inc. Though it’s now taken for granted, the Safari browser was almost named “Freedom”. Steve Jobs apparently considered a bunch of silly names for Apple’s browser that included Freedom, Alexander, and iBrowse before settling with Safari. Former Apple engineer Don Melton worked alongside Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs on Webkit project that would power the company’s own browser. When the time came to pick a name for the software, Steve started saying some names, the team considered a bunch of other names also and Steve eventually chose a name for Apple’s browser, Safari.

Safari Image

With Safari, nothing comes between you and the web, not even the browser window. Users can see web pages full screen, free of desktop distractions. Safari on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is a big deal, too. Safari is the world’s most innovative browser, Multi- touch gestures are built into Safari on OS X, so users can tap, scroll, and swipe your way around the web. Safari sets high standards for standards. It is highly secure from day one. Safari has some other features like, VoiceOver Screen Reader, Enhanced Keyboard Navigation, Next Generation Standards Support, CSS Filters, CSS Animation and many other.

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