Tata DOCOMO 3G Life – Live Life in 3G!

Written By Sam on 1 November 2010

When the Japanese Telecom giant DoCoMo entered the Indian market holding hands with Tata, there was scepticism on whether this new player would be able to make any mark in the minds of the discerning Indian customer. Exactly two years later, the situation is different. The brand has not only managed to impress the Indian consumer with its most competitively priced service plans, it has also emerged as the first among the private wireless carriers to acquaint the Indian consumer to 3G life — a life made easier and more convenient by the third generation mobile technology. Yes, it’s about speed — it’s about faster communication, quicker downloads and hassle-free access to bandwidth-hungry apps. So, expect 3G to shake up the scene and make your wireless life more robust and meaningful. Here’s a look at your day from a 3G perspective:

Plan Your Day: Save your dog the trouble of collecting the morning paper. With the Web on your fingertips, checking the morning paper doesn’t necessarily have to mean leafing through an unmanageable spreadsheet. And you don’t have to bring out your laptop for this. A few taps on your phone should do the trick. Off to the gym? Strap your 3G phone along and stay connected even while you jog or work out at the gym or quickly download a new track to pep up your pace on the treadmill. Settling for breakfast? Yes, you need not skip it anymore. With 3G, there should be plenty of time to accommodate both work and play in your life. Glance through your e-mail messages in a jiffy before dashing to work. Checking schedules, notes and calendars on your phone makes organizing your day easy.

Surf, Video Call and Stay Connected: Physically meeting a client can surely make a difference to your business. Have you considered real-time video calling? It achieves the same results and you can escape the trouble of having to travel from one part of the city to another or schedule your next flight. All this while you check e-mail messages, share & transfer files and carry on your usual office tasks. You can do all this and still have time to attend to a few household worries like paying your landline or electricity bills or carrying out some other bank transactions or even book tickets, now that the power 3G is in your fingertips.

Stay Upbeat and Abreast With the Latest: Multimedia experience is enhanced by leaps and bounds with 3G. Be it your favorite TV show, or a quick look at the headlines and market news, a live video stream, an e-book or a soulful moment listening to some soothing music, you can now carry your stress-busting tools along wherever you go. Staying in touch with friends? Well, it’s just got so much better with now. Check into social networking sites, check videos, share photos, chat, tweet… there is a whole lot of things you could achieve to stay close to your friends and family. With loads of utility tools available, 3G opens limitless vistas, enhancing and spicing up your routine life. Shopping, booking movie tickets, searching for utility stores, plan your evening – all your needs are attended to. Like a genie, your 3G phone can be your constant companion to glide through your day without trouble.

Video Surveillance: You can leverage the power of 3G to set up your video surveillance system. Yes, there are 3G convert camera units that can even provide live access to AV while on the move. So, you do not have to miss any important action back home while you are at work, like your daughter taking her first baby steps, for instance. Video surveillance also makes your home and workspace more secure.

Blogging: We are living in an age where our existence is substantiated by blogs, and 3G brings the convenience of instant blogging. There are also programs that customize websites for a mobile audience.

The third generation mobile telephony is clearly an indication that the world is not only becoming small, but it is also quickly shrinking into the palm of your hands. As life whizzes past, 3G helps you enjoy and capture some of its most precious moments. Life Life in 3G With Tata DOCOMO 3G Life

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    3G life is yet to come and takes still much longer to penetrate our life..

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