Kinect Black Friday 2010 Offers at GameStop, Walmart and Kmart Fail to Impress

Written By Sam on 24 November 2010

Black Friday this 26th marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season; and for Christmas, plans will have been made. In the game zone, it is expected that the Microsoft Kinect should prove to be the item of choice and stores are geared up to offer this device for Black Friday sales. While discounts may not be huge, they will be just enough to tempt shoppers. Remember this is a relatively new device.

There is nothing much moving in the Kinect-Xbox 360 zone. Deals may be reworded but at the base, they offer nothing new or attractive enough from retailers here.

Gamestop, apparently seems to want to do better this Black Friday with deals on a Kinect for Xbox360 with the Kinect Adventure bundle at just $149.99.

Walmart may have a Kinect on its own for $149 and Kinect with 4GB Xbox360 for $299 offer, limited only to Saturday.

Kmart is expected to have the same bundle but with the Call of Duty: Black Ops included at $199.

These prices and offers may not actually constitute bargains; So, shoppers may not be overly enthused in the game zone.

BFAds may well offer the brightestspot and all are from Kmart TG with offers depending on the bundle you select, ranging from $15 or $25 gaming coupons.

Seems like Kinect Black Friday offers have yet to come out into the open. We wish there were genuinely attractive offers for this to make Christmas a happy one for game lovers. Maybe sellers are waiting for Christmas to be over with to come out with deals as if that will add to the attraction or that people will wait till then.

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