Microsoft Bundles 500GB Seagate Portable Hard Drive with Windows 7 for Online Shoppers

Written By Sam on 31 October 2010

If you are yet to join the the Windows 7 party but have been deliberating on it, this may be a good time to convert to the latest Microsoft operating system because Microsoft is giving away a 500GB Seagate FreeAgent Go portable hard drive with the purchase of W7 from the company website.

The hard drive includes software to keep information secure with automatic backup and encryption of your important files and folders. It’s a limited period offer. So, as they say, you’ve got to hurry to avail of this offer because supplies need to last for you too. If you look up Amazon, the giveaway hardware shows a price tag of $98.95. So, it is a good deal.

The deal is available only if you make an online purchase. The company website gives you the option to either download, download+backup or have the bundle shipped to you. And you will have to shell out a $199.99, which is claimed to be a 35% discount.

Download Windows 7 here

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