Windows 8 to Feature Cloud-based Online Backup?

Written By Sam on 9 November 2010

Disaster recovery plans are as important to a computer user as any other vital feature. Microsoft Windows has been lacking backup solutions or software for its users and it seems that finally the company is indeed working on addressing this issue. And if internet reports are to be believed the next generation OS Windows 8 will come loaded with cloud-based online backup as an option for its users.

The news came to light when a job posting related to the upcoming release of the Windows 8 operating system was spotted on Microsoft’s website. It confirmed that a special team is working on integrating the Windows Azure-based service with some Microsoft online services and the Windows 8 client backup feature.

This simply translates to the fact that the client backup application being developed and integrated for Windows 8 will be a cloud-based online backup option. For the unititiated, a cloud-based online backup option is basically an amount of online storage space that a user can get in order to create data backups so that in the event of his computer crashing or any other damage that leads to loss of data, the online backup files may be used to restore the system and the data lost. It generally needs to be supported with an internet connection that has a high bandwidth. However, there is no clarity on whether this is the only backup option being offered or will other options be offered as well. We don’t have the details yet. Watch this space for more.

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  1. There is already an option to backup data to cloud storage powered by Amazon S3 and Windows Azure. Check out CloudBerry Backup . Besides, there is no proprietary data format and you can access your data using other Amazon s3 and Azure tools.

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