Nokia 5230 Giveaway at TechHail – Winner Announcement

Written By Sam on 1 February 2010

Finally the long awaited 5230 giveaway contest has come to an end yesterday. I’m very much delighted to see a very good response from the huge crowd. The contest has went very well beyond my expectations. At one point of time I was unhappy as I had got only one prize. It would have been a good thing if there were couple of more prizes. But one good news is that I’m working with some sponsors to get some very good stuff like Nokia N97 Mini, Apple iPod Touch and some hard cash as prizes for the upcoming contest.

Coming to the stats. It took me more than 1 hour to sort out the valid comments and tweets. Though some of them were not accurate to the point, I considered them into the draw. There are a total of 48 valid comments, 58 tweets and couple of mentions on blogs. Every one who has tweeted got 1 tickets, comments were given 1 ticket and blog entries were given 10 entries. All the contest participants names or twitter handles were entered in List Randomizer at “” in alphabetical order and “Randomize” button was clicked once to choose the winner.

So here is the winner and his comment – “Venkat Krishna

Nice offer. Nokia 5230 is damn good mobile with excellent features. I don’t use twitter and no website for me. So im only commenting here. I want to win this mobile.


I have mailed the winner already and will parcel the Nokia 5230 as soon as I receive a response from him. If I do not receive a response from him with a week I would again run the List Randomizer to select a different winner.

Thanks one and all who have helped me directly or indirectly to make this giveaway a BIG success.

I’m already working with few sponsors to kick start a new contest very soon. This time I’ll arrange for atleast 3-4 prizes for the winner. If you have any other ways to organize a better contest then do share it with me through the comment section.

12 Responses to “Nokia 5230 Giveaway at TechHail – Winner Announcement”

  1. Arnav Biswas says:

    Nice contest sry to knw i dint win. But hope to win in the coming contests keep up the good work. I will have to watch out for the N97 mini!! 🙂

    • Samrat P says:

      Don’t worry Arnav Biswas probably a BIG gift might me waiting for you!!

      • Arnav says:

        Samrat when is the next contest as u promised i am dying to get hold of a new nokia 5230 by the way instead of giving away a nokia n97 consider giving away 3 nokia 5233 as there will be more winners!! plz b fast i am just searching for contests all day long!!! LOL

      • Samrat P says:

        Hey dude I’m lil busy with some personal work.. Probably will try to start it soon. And it is not easy to get some sponsors who can give us some gadgets.. 🙂

  2. Congratulations Venkat Krishna and thanks to the TechHail for conducting this great giveaway. Looking for forward for more giveaways on your blog.

  3. Harmesh Rohira says:

    Heay Congrats to the winner……….(Venkat)…..
    Though i am badly dissapointed..lolz………
    Looking forward to more such kind of giveaway’s………
    and this tym the count should be more then 1 w.r.t to giveaway and the winners too……..
    anyways,better luck nex tym


  4. Venkat Krishna says:

    Wow this is really a very good news for me. I never thought I will win a mobile. Thank you Thank you so much. I am very very happy. I told this to all my friends also. Thanks Samrat.

  5. Firoze says:

    Great contest!! The Nokia 5230 is an awesome gift for Venkat Krishna! Enjoy Venkat! 😀

    Again, thanx very much Samrat for bringing this wonderful contest to us! 😀

  6. ravi says:

    Your blog is cool Congratulations Venkat Krishna

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