Seagate Introduces GoFlex For Mac External Drives That Allow Cross-platform Compatibility

Written By Sam on 7 January 2011

Seagate has introduced a new range of GoFlex for Mac external drives aimed at Mac OS X and Time Machine users to shuttle, backup, or share digital content between PC and Mac environments without the need to reformat.

The portable and desktop solutions are HFS+ formatted, making them compatible with Apple Time Machine backup software, while being able to work across both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X computers. The good news for Windows users is that these drives can also be used with computers running Windows. All you need to do is download an HFS+ driver for Windows from the company’s website. It will provide total read-write access to the new drive from a Windows computer.

The product comes bundled with FireWire 800 as well as USB 2.0 adapters and cables. For use with Windows computers, you can also change the drive’s interface to USB 3.0 or powered eSATA. Each 2.5-inch drive in the family features a metallic finish, apparently designed to withstand fingerprints and scratches incurred from travel.

Here’s a closer look at the new line-up of GoFlex drives, as revealed by the company:

  • GoFlex for Mac — This 2.5-inch drive is designed specifically for use with Apple’s Time Machine out-of-the-box, go back in time to access changes or file updates were before they were made.MSRP $199.99 for 1TB, and $249.99 for 1.5TB.
  • GoFlex for Mac Limited Edition — This drive packs 1TB of storage into the standardized 2.5-inch form factor. With a depth of 12.5mm and shorter in length than an iPhone , the GoFlex TM for Mac Limited Edition is perfect for use with GoFlex TV or GoFlex Net.MSRP $199.95 for 1TB.
  • GoFlex Pro for Mac — This 7200RPM, 2.5-inch drive delivers advanced performance for those professionals who place high demands on their storage, such as graphic artists, musicians, videographers or photographers. Using the included FireWire 800 cable to achieve transfer speeds up to three times faster than USB 2.0.MSRP $149.99 for 500GB; $179.99 for 750GB.
  • GoFlex TM Desk for Mac drive — This 3.5-inch high-capacity external drive includes a flexible design that can sit horizontally or vertically to fit your workspace. Back up files using Apple’s Time Machine. Optional software displays the drive’s real-time capacity with lights on the dock and includes other useful tools.MSRP $219.99 for 2TB; $279.99 for 3TB.

In addition, each GoFlex for Mac drive can be used with other devices in the GoFlex Storage System such as the GoFlex Net media sharing device and the GoFlex TV HD media player.

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