Jabra Unveils Stone2 Bluetooth Headset, a Touch-free Device With Voice Controls

Written By Sam on 13 November 2010

Jabra has just revealed its shiny new headset, the Stone2, which comes which comes majorly upgraded from the previous version, the Stone. Jabra kept the elegance factor intact and decided to make the headset smarter than its predecessor. How is that? Well, they decided that this time the Stone2 will be a touch free device. Unlike the Stone, Stone2 has sophisticated voice controls and features that allow the user to answer, ignore or make calls by simply commanding the headset to do so.

With specific commands like ‘answer’, ‘ignore’ and an optimized voice system that allows the user to place calls as well as control other voice enabled applications.

Jabra sees this to be a great product for driving users. With the increasing rate of tickets they get for talking while driving, the Bluetooth enabled headset could be the answer to their problem. Talk while you dive without so much as touching the device.

The headset still rests on the strong foundations and features that were introduced with the Stone, only, it has a few more interesting add-ons that make a lot of difference in the experience delivered to the user. Jabra has retained the curve design that is now like a signature of the company, the charging dock has also retained most of its original personality and overall the device is as sleek as could be.   

Taking home the honoree award at the International CES Best of Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Awards event confirms that this cutting edge invention is one to be noticed.

The Stone2 comes at a price of $129.99 which might seem a lot for a Bluetooth headset, but the kind of features and functions it carries make it worth the price. It will be available from November 21, 2010 exclusively at AT&T stores Att.com.

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