Sony Unveils PlayStation Bluetooth Headset to be Priced at $49.99; Can Also Work With Cellphones

Written By Sam on 10 November 2010

The world is going wireless with a vengeance and Bluetooth devices are getting better, sophisticated and more use friendly. It is no surprise then that Sony PlayStation Move should follow this latest trend and introduce the much-awaited, and much-needed, Bluetooth headset for the PS3 — an improvement over the original edition.

The latest Bluetooth Headset of 2010 is plain, simple, easy to use, and will be affordably priced at $49.99 when it launches later this month. The company informed that it is light and has been ergonomically designed to ensure it cradles comfortably on your ear. Communicate with the PlayStation via this Bluetooth and when not in use, you can transfer it to the docking station.

This Bluetooth headset has a dual microphone design, an in-game headset status indicator and can be paired automatically via USB cable with the PS3. In addition there is an easily accessible microphone mute button. The charging cradle also doubles up as a desktop microphone.

If all these features are not enough, they are topped up with the supreme functionality of this headset which can even be used with your mobile phone. This glossy enchanter is 30% smaller than the original model, has an additional noise cancellation feature built in to filter out ambient noise when used both with the PS3 as well as your mobile phone. When used with the mobile phone this funky piece allows three-way calling as well as call waiting. It does not get better than this! Battery life is 6 hours and rechargeable via USB.

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