Best Bluetooth Stereo Headset Comparison – Motorola S9-HD vs Nokia BH-505 vs Plantronics Backbeat 903

Written By Sam on 8 January 2011

Last month I thought of getting a Bluetooth Stereo Headset to use with my iPhone 4. As there are many models I have to do an extensive research to pick the best one. After testing around 7-8 models, finally I concluded with Motorola S9-HD, Nokia BH-505 and Plantronics Backbeat 903. Though all the 3 models were pretty good, I had finally decided to go with Nokia BH-505.

Nokia BH-505

The Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-505 is a sleek, lightweight headset which goes comfortably around your neck. It just weighs 36g and you never feel any discomfort unless you plan to use it for more than 5-6hrs at a stretch. The Nokia BH-505 features DSP (digital signal processing) technology which allows you to enjoy superior sound quality in noisy or windy environments. The BH-505 is also sweat and splash resistant.

Though Motorola S9-HD has got better audio quality, for a normal user like me with occasional uses BH-505 seemed to be a good choice. The dedicated keys on BH-505 are well placed than that were present on the S9-HD. Moreover BH-505 gives more talktime and music playback when compared with S9-HD and also Plantronics Backbeat 903.

Motorola S9-HD

Initially Motorola S9-HD was my first choice. But after using it for couple of days along with BH-505, I felt that the buttons are well placed on BH-505. The best thing about S9-HD is the SRS WOW HD technology which gives you a very good Bass when compared with the BH-505 and Backbeat 903. S9-HD also weighs almost the same as BH-505 with 32g. The other problem with S9-HD is that I could not fit it properly in my ears. I guess that would just be problem with my ears and not with every one. Totally S9-HD has got great features but personally it was not comfortable in my ears.

Also Motorola S9-HD features a mini USB charging connector and the BH-505 features Nokia 2 mm charging interface; I felt that I can find a Nokia charger easily!

Plantronics Backbeat 903

My other headset in the top list is Backbeat 903. This has really got some of the best features when compared with the other two headsets – Altec Lansing sound technology for hi-def music, Dual-mic AudioIQ noise canceling for clear calls, OpenMic and Three-way adjustment for a comfortable, stable fit. The best thing about Backbeat 903 is the flexible design which quickly folds up for storage. But the problem with Backbeat 903 is that the total weight is on the ears and I felt a little discomfort after 2-3hrs of usage. This is the main reason for pushing back Backbeat 903. Else this would have been my first choice.

Anyways finally I settled down with BH-505. If you are using any other Bluetooth stereo headset and feel that it deserves the top position than the above three then do let us know it through the comments section.

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