Small Number of Nokia N8 Smartphones Face Power Problem; Nokia Assures Issue is Resolved

Written By Sam on 22 November 2010

Nokia N8 has been soaring popularity charts. However, a small number of Nokia N8 users have not been entirely pleased with the device. This section has come up with complaints that the device turns off abruptly and no amount of effort or pleading could get it to reboot. The good news is the problem is not rampant and Nokia has acknowledged this glitch. In fact, the company is understood to have officially confirmed that a certain section of users did have a problem with the phone’s power management system. We hear the fault was primarily due to a hitch in the engine component of the device.

Entertainment and camera features in the Nokia N8 are hard to beat.

Niklas Savander, the executive vice president and GM of the company’s Markets unit, in fact confirmed that “a limited number of N8 users” have faced this problem, and that the phone’s warranty will ensure it’s rectified and taken care of. A video on YouTube shows the sales chief talking about the glitch. Even as we write this, we hear the problem, being thought of as a production snag, has apparently been sorted and fresh N8 units will reportedly not have face any problem.

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