Apple Magic Mouse – World’s First Multi-Touch Mouse Available for $69

Written By Sam on 22 October 2009

Apple brought in its new wireless Magic Mouse to the market which is attracting many computer users all over the world. It is the first ever mouse to use Apple’s innovative Multi-Touch technology. With many innovations in iPhone, iPod touch and Mac notebook trackpads, Apple comes with Multi-Touch Mouse which lets the customers for easy navigation using instinctive finger gestures. The Magic Mouse has got a Multi-Touch surface without mechanical buttons, scroll balls. This Apple’s new Magic Mouse comes with the iMac and will be obtainable as a Mac accessory in shops. Apple’s Multi-Touch technology helps the users to use the mouse in a simple and elegant manner.

Magic Mouse provides a seamless touch-sensitive inclusion which allows it to be used as both single and multi-button mouse with highly developed gesture support. Utilizing innate finger gestures, you can easily scroll all the way through documents with long content, pan all over large pictures or you can also move this multi-touch mouse forward or backward through a compilation of web pages or images. The laser tracking engine of this new Magic Mouse offers you a smooth, reliable experience throughout when compared with traditional mouse with optical tracking system. Magic Mouse also use wireless capabilities like Bluetooth to make a dirt free, and cable-free desk and it is very helpful for you as it can work 10 meters away from the desktop.


To extend better battery execution, Magic Mouse comes with an advanced power management system which functions with Mac OS X to mechanically switch to low power mode when it is inactivity state. This wireless Magic Mouse is also equipped with two AA batteries for long life.

Cost and Availability of Magic Mouse

The new Apple’s Magic Mouse will be available at the end of October through the Apple Store, at Apple Authorized Resellers and retail stores with a price tag of $69 (US). Magic Mouse expects Mac OS X Leopard version 10.5.8 or later.

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