Third-Party Device Manager for Windows Phone to Be available for Download Soon

Written By Sam on 17 January 2011

The Windows Phone has several advantages to it but there is no denying it has negative aspects too. For instance, you can install Windows compatible software on the phone but unfortunately cannot use it if you cannot transfer files to the handset, which is the case at the moment. You may have Microsoft Office installed but with no way to transfer files, there is no point in having the software.

Developer Julian Schapman claims to have cooked a Windows Phone Device Manager for the PC. This will apparently allow a user to sync your phone and PC on the lines of Zunes; but with some more features built into it. This software is likely to be available for download in a few days.

The features will permit users to add or remove files from the phone and configure settings which is a more than welcome feature.

The software will come with a friendly interface that is simple, neat and easy to execute. For example, a bottom panel will show the status of the handset and memory available. It will also display the OS currently running.
Even for these simple features Windows Phone users will be very thankful as they will be able to do all they have not been able to do with the device so far.

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