Teenager Exploits White iPhone 4 Craze, Converts Black Models to White and Makes $130,000

Written By Sam on 19 November 2010

Apple keeps a pretty tight control over its devices and apps. A white iPhone is something people longed for but which was not released by Apple. There have been inordinate delays. Rumors attributed them to mismatched shades of white on the home button and the front face plate, and also to a suspicion that the white case ruined the device’s camera results. Some even feel the white iPhone 4 may never be launched.

So, what happens next? Along comes a smart kid who does a pretty clever job of providing people dying for a white iPhone 4 with just what they want and in the process he has made himself a cool $130,000. No matter how hard Apple tries to keep everything within its control, there are chinks which are exploited and this teenager did just that. As it appears, he happened to be in touch with employees he knew at Foxconn — maker of the cases for Apple — and obtained a number of the components for the conversion kits for the iPhone 4 from them. He managed to successfully sell these converted white iPhone 4s to a large number of people and made himself money. By the time Apple caught up with him he was good for $130,000. It is most likely he will face heavy fines and a term in jail and even lose everything that he earned but he has shown with this cheeky move that there is actually a way to get a white iPhone4 after all. And why just white? Designers can sell any colored iPhone4s, even with embedded diamonds at outrageous prices, to people willing to buy then; and this  kid has shown just that, though he is likely to pay a penalty for his gimmick.

The white iPhone 4 now seems to be attaining a state of mystic aura with reports of white unlocked models available for $20,000 and even white models running Windows 7. The rumor mill is running overtime while Apple sits back and lets people pant for this white model. One wonders if all the iPhones were originally made white and people wanted a black one when it was not available would there have been such a brouhaha over it? What we can say right now is with each new report on the white iPhone, the mystery around it just deepens. Will rumor mills ever get bored of the white iPhone?

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