White iPhone 4 Confirmed by Apple for Spring 2011

Written By Sam on 7 December 2010

The chimeric white iPhone 4 has been playing elusive games with people, bobbing up over the horizon only to disappear again with news from Apple further delaying its official release to July to later this year and now next year.

Meanwhile a smart New York kid made around $130000 with a white iPhone offering, using Foxcon components until he was literally busted by law agencies(probably at Apple’s behest).

Apple had a plausible technical explanation as to why it was NOT introducing white iPhones. It seems the white semi-translucent glass case leaks extra light into the camera which ruins photographs and results in a washed out look. It seemed the only solution was a redesign to deal with light leaks and camera issues if it was to introduce a white iPhone. Looks like Apple may have got down to work to deal with this issue and it may be resolved after all; and why not? The white iPhone has been really sought after. It makes good sense to capture this market, doesn’t it? If the Chinese can deliver white iPhone look-alikes then why can’t we? And so on.

This time though the news may be for real. The white iPhone may be available Spring 2011. Unless some new developments take place, that is.

The poser in this is that iPhone 5 is also slated for release around the same time; and it seems unlikely people would want to go in for an older generation iPhone 4… even if it is all white.

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