ProSwitcher – Palm Pre-styled Application Switcher for Jailbroken iPhone

Written By Sam on 27 January 2010

ProSwitcher is a Palm Pre-styled application for iPhone that can be downloaded for free from the “BigBoss Cydia Repository“. Available in Cydia, ProSwitcher helps you to streamline as well as run multiple applications on the iPhone simultaneously. Unlike the popular applications like Backgrounder and Mobile Safari that allows applications running in the background and display of multiple web pages respectively, ProSwitcher comes with many enhanced features along with a ton of customization capabilities.

ProSwitcher – Palm Pre-styled Application Switcher for Jailbroken iPhone

ProSwitcher, Palm Pre-styled application switcher that integrates with SpringBoard for a simple and smooth experience has been recently updated. These updates of ProSwitcher 1.1 have been released by Ryan Petrich and Chpwn which includes many bug fixes along with easy switching capabilities between the running background applications in the iPhone.

The updated ProSwitcher includes

  • Many bugs fixed
  • Improved settings and Lock SpringBoard card
  • Show Icon toggle, which allows activation from the springboard icon.
  • Empty Tap to Close toggle
  • Show Default Apps toggle, through which you can hide applications like mail and phone.
  • Empty Style options that allows you to modify Text, Blank or Disabled.
  • And better LA support

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