Can I Jailbreak and Unlock My iPhone and iPod Touch? F0recast Answers You

Written By Sam on 12 February 2010

The iH8Sn0w team which has released the very useful jailbreaking tool Sn0wbreeze is planning to release a very useful tool called “f0recast”. F0recast is a very handy application for all iPhone and iPod Touch users which will tell you if your iPhone or iPod Touch is Jailbreakable and if the JailBreak would be tethered or not. The application also tells you whether your iPhone is Unlockable or not.

F0recast will definitely be a useful tool as you can just use the tool to clear your questions instead of asking everyone on the Internet. Instead of rushing and upgrading to the latest firmware or trying to jailbreak using redsn0w or PwnageTool, you can take the help of F0recast to confirm if you can jailbreak and unlock your iPhone with the current firmware and baseband.

Do remember clearly that f0recast is just a suggestion tool and cannot be used to jailbreak or unlock any device. f0recast will be available probably by the end of the week. Stay tuned to TechHail to hear more about f0recast and other jailbreaking/unlocking tools or guides.

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