Downgrade iPhone OS 4.0 Baseband 5.13.03 to 04.26.08 BB Using Fuzzyband

Written By Sam on 17 April 2010

If you have recently upgraded your iPhone 3G firmware to 4.0 you must have lost your unlock because of the baseband update to 05.13.03. But do not worry as you can use the latest version of Fuzzyband to downgrade iPhone baseband. Fuzzyband has been updated to include the downgrading support from the iPhone OS 4.0b1 baseband for 05.08 bootloader users (early iPhone 3G). So if you have an iPhone 3G on 4.0 firmware then you can use Fuzzyband to downgrade 05.13 baseband to the older 04.26.08 baseband. After you have downgraded your baseband, you can use ultrasn0w to unlock iPhone on 4.0 firmware.

Updated Fuzzyband will help you to downgrade the baseband from any higher version to 4.26.08. But be clear that the downgrading only works for iPhone 3G with 05.08 (5.8) Bootloader (Read again that this will not work with iPhone 3GS). If you are not sure about your bootloader, you can run Fuzzyband to show you the version number.

Downgrade iPhone Baseband 05.13.03 to 04.26.08 BB

Please follow the below steps only if you have an iPhone 3G with older 05.08 bootloader.

  1. To downgrade iPhone 3G baseband from 05.13.03 to 04.26.08, you have to first jailbreak iPhone 3G on 3.1.3 firmware.
  1. Once you are done with jailbreaking your iPhone, Go to “Cydia” on your iPhone 3G and Search for “Fuzzyband” and install the application.
  2. Now start “Fuzzyband” and touch on “Downgrade” button to downgrade your iPhone baseband from 05.13.03 to 04.26.08.
  3. After you are done with downgrading iPhone 05.13.03 baseband you can unlock your iPhone 3G using the latest version of ultrasn0w.

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