10 Reasons Why I Suggest You Not To Go For Apple iPad

Written By Sam on 4 February 2010

As every coin has two sides, the Apple iPad has also got its pros and cons. Looking at the reality side of the most anticipated Apple iPad, along with many enhanced features embedded it lacks in many features, some of which can also be a major reason for its failure. This article lists such features which the iPad lacks.


Unprotected not so wide display screen

iPad’s wide screen tops out at 1024 x 768 falling under the aspect ratio of 4:3 which is definitely very far behind the most preferred high definition aspect ratio 16:9.

iPad features a wide 9.7” screen without a screen guard or any kind of cover to protect it. There are many chances that you hit your thumb on some icon or even open an application accidentally when carrying the iPad, The ruggedness of the touch screen is not yet clearly specified by Apple.

No Multi-tasking

iPad will not support multi-tasking which is a big disaster for such a gadget designed with enhanced technologies. There are many tablets coming out based on Android and Windows which will definitely have an upper hand over iPad in this aspect.

No Camera Support

Apple iPad, does not feature a camera which is very disappointing to all the passionate photographers out there. You can neither take pictures nor record videos of your memorable events.

No Adobe Flash Support

The biggest failure point of Apple ipad is the lack of Adobe Flash support. There are millions of sites on the web that uses Flash to give a rich user experience. Without Flash on iPad we would definitely be missing many excellent websites. We will even miss the wonderful flash applications and games.

No Full support for GPS

The iPad does not support all the functionalities of GPS. The Wi-Fi-only versions flat out have no GPS support, however the 3G versions have Assistance for GPS, which makes use of the cellular connection to locate your destination.

No USB Port and HDMI Out

iPad will not feature a built-in USB and you have to buy a separate USB adapter for plugging-in external USB keyboard or any other device. What you get with the device is a disappointing custom dock connector to connect the other peripherals. Ipad which is meant to be magically entertaining device does not include an HDMI Out like any of the other Apple devices and you will need a proprietary Dock to VGA adapter for watching video’s out of it.

No User-Replaceable Battery

Though Apple’s iPad boasts 10 hours of battery life and a full month of stand-by time, the battery of iPad comes in a sealed case and one cannot easily swap the battery from this case. Hence replacing the older batteries with the newer ones is a tedious process in the iPad.

AT&T only for 3G

Though Apple has primarily announced that iPad will be released into market unlocked for all carriers, reports say that Apple signed an exclusive deal with AT&T for the 3G service. The iPad’s 3G modem supports UMTS/HSDPA 850/1900/2100MHz and GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz bands which implies that T-Mobile’s 3G band has already been ruled out from the list as it runs on 1700MHz.

With all the above missing points or features it is really not a good deal to buy Apple iPad for $499.

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  1. All reviews about iPad are worst in all blogs

  2. Ryan says:

    Why would the Wifi version have GPS? That makes absolutely no sense at all. What is wrong with A-GPS? iPhone 3G and 3GS incorporates A-GPS and no one complains.

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