Details on Android 3.0 ‘Gingerbread’ Out; Likely to Feature Improved Graphics, Video Chat

Written By Sam on 20 October 2010

Google current smartphone operating system Android 2.2 (Froyo) will soon graduate to the next version, Android 3.0. To be dubbed ‘Gingerbread,’ the new version is expected to emphasize on improved interface and navigation. From initial reports available on Gingerbread, it looks like the new version may not see any drastic change from Froyo as far as features go, but it is definitely expected to score on its look and feel — that should come as a breather to those who find the present Android interface ugly.

Here are a couple of notable changes the new version of Android is expected to incorporate:

Improved graphics: With ex-Palm UI expert Matias Duarte on board (he is the guy behind Palm’s webOS, now called HP webOS), it would not be wrong to expect some sprucing up in terms of looks. From initial details tricking in, the standard icons have apparently been redesigned, largely contributing to a cleaner look. There seems to be better symmetry in the design so certain icons do not stick out like a sore thumb, as they did in previous versions.

Notable changes to the interface include:

  • A change in the color of the notification bar to grey from the present white
  • More prominent carrier branding
  • A play of green and orange in the UI. The mascot and logo are green
  • Widgets on the homescreen are more or less untouched, except for a sprinkle of green
  • Look of individual Google apps spruced up to blend with the new interface
  • Bouncy effect characteristic of iOS devices and TouchWiz 3.0 devices to be incorporated in the new version Android UI
  • To come with YouTube version 2.x with the ability to control the ‘Lean Back’ version of the site, enabling users to enjoy videos in full-screen continuous play mode
  • Style change in radio buttons and checkmarks

Video Chat: Apart from the changes to the UI, we hear this version of Android will bring with it support for video chat. Quoting a ‘source,’ Phandroid has revealed:

“Google’s adding SIP support in their Google Voice application to allow you to receive calls to your Google Voice number over Wi-Fi and cellular data. For those who use Android devices without a voice plan, this means you can still use your phone as a phone as long as you’re near a Wi-Fi connection… We’ve heard that the actual updated Voice application might not be ready for Gingerbread’s release, but the underlying framework has already been checked in. Unfortunately, it sounds like this’ll be a Gingerbread-exclusive feature so you Google Voice fans on Froyo and earlier (everyone, as of now) shouldn’t get too excited just yet.”

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via Phandroid

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