Google Voice On Your Desktop With Google Voice Adobe AIR Utility

Written By Sam on 27 October 2009

If you use Google Voice very frequently and have got Adobe AIR, then you can try out the Google Voice AIR App. Google Voice Adobe AIR App will help you to easily access all your Google Voice Voicemail and SMS messages. It is a cross platform application which will work on any computer that has got Adobe AIR installed on it, which means that you can use it on your Windows, Mac and Linux machine.


Google Voice AIR App allows you to play and pause Voicemail messages and helps you to initiate a call or send SMS to anyone who is in your contact list. The App looks similar to the mobile version of Google Voice Web site. This Adobe AIR Desktop Utility for Google Voice is still in beta stage, but will definitely help you keep an eye on Google Voice without opening a separate window/tab for that.

Download Google Voice AIR App

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