Import, Edit and Write SIM Contacts on iPhone With SIManager

Written By Sam on 9 January 2010

Recently we had written an article on Google Nexus One vs Apple iPhone 3GS. One of the areas in which iPhone 3GS gains more score is the number of apps that are available for iPhone. There are numerous apps for iPhone which will allow you to use the device at it’s best. If you have jailbroken your iPhone then you can even try out many more apps. If you are looking for an iPhone App to import, edit, and write new SIM contacts then you can try out Giovanni Chiappini’s SIManager. The reason for you to use SIManager is that iPhone doesn’t support copying and saving of contacts to and from the SIM card.

Import, Edit and Write SIM Contacts on iPhone With SIManager

SIManager for iPhone will be a handy app if you use multiple mobiles and wanted to carry your contacts in the SIM along with the mobile. SIManager is still in the beta stage and if you are interested in trying it out you can do so by adding the BeYouriPhone ( repository in Cydia. With SIManager You can copy the import the contacts from your SIM card to the iPhone and edit it directly from your iPhone. The changes made to the contacts are shown in different colors; Contact imported from the SIM are shown in black, changed contacts aer shown in dark red and eliminated contacts are shown in red.

The latest version of SIManager has got many improvements, features and bug fixes.

  • Copy iPhone to SIM” option adds all your new contacts to others already present in the SIM card.
  • “Add to SIM” option truncates the contact name to 14 characters, which is the limit imposed by the SIM.
  • Proper moving of numbers with support for international prefix.
  • Spaces and special characters in the number to be imported into SIM will be removed in order to avoid the error when writing.
  • You can now move quickly through the contact list in the SIM with a double tap on the bar on “SIManager”: double tap on the left – start list, double tap in the center – mid list, double tap on the right – end of list.

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