Private Area Allows a ‘Private’ Space for Your iPhone or iPod Touch [Hide Folders]

Written By Sam on 2 November 2010

Want private space for your iPhone or iPod Touch? You must read about the ‘Private Area’ app that developer Alessio Vinerbi recently released. Yes, we too think the developer could have spent a little more time in choosing a more creative name for the app. This name’s way too predictable. But ‘Private Area’ is what it is called and is expected to come in handy for iPhone or iPod Touch users who will now be able to hide files, folders, contacts and even websites through use of a password. In effect, all your data is categorized and password protected. A latest version of this app with improved data management features is now available so you can now categorize and protect all your data, divided by type, within a single database.

The types of private areas include Notes, Photo, Contact and Websites. The functionality of Private Area, as described by the developer, are:

  • Create, edit and delete notes
  • Import photos from camera film
  • Taking pictures with the new camera
  • Saving contacts with name, number and email with possibility of sending SMS and Mail without
    quitting application
  • Saving and navigation of websites through the browser integrated without compromising the history of Safari.
  • Form to change your password.

With Private Area, you can rest assured no one will be able to lay hands on data that is private to you. It’s your own space to store whatever you wish to. The app can also make notes, send texts/mail messages and check private websites from within the app.

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