iPhone 3.2 SDK Beta 3 For iPad Hints at Front Facing Camera, Flash, Zoom and Video Conferencing

Written By Sam on 24 February 2010

Yesterday Apple released the iPhone SDK 3.2 beta 3 for developers to develop their Apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Though Apple pulled the SDK very soon it was released because of a serious bug, there are many developers out there who downloaded it before Apple removed it. The official announcement of Apple iPad didn’t mention anything about Camera, but there are many strings in the iPhone SDK 3.2 that reference a camera and flash, zoom and video conferencing. All these indicate that the coming versions of iPad might contain a Camera as well. The points are strengthened by the fact that there is a space for camera in the iPad’s enclosure.

MacRumors reports that if you dig into the Apple’s private framework which controls the camera, the iPad SDK tests for 3 additional camera characteristics that are not found in the iPhone 3.x SDK. The Beta 3 iPad SDK version adds these additional test conditions for the device capabilities. It looks like Apple has built the API support to test if your iPad had a Front Facing Camera, Zoom and a Camera Flash. There are also certain icons which clearly show an interface to accept or decline a video chat and the size of these buttons tells us that they were intended for use on the the iPad’s screen rather than the iPhone.

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