What is Jailbreaking? Why Should You Jailbreak Your iPhone and iPod Touch?

Written By Sam on 14 November 2009

Yesterday one of my friends has got an iPhone 3GS from US and he was trying to use it with a different SIM card. When I asked him if the iPhone is jailbroken and unlocked, he wasn’t sure what exactly I was speaking about. There are many people out there who doesn’t know much about jailbreaking and unlocking of iPhone. They spend many dollars to buy software to unlock iPhone without knowing that they can get everything for free. There are tools like blacksn0w, blackra1n, PwnageTool, Ultrasn0w, Greenpois0n, Purplesn0w and many others which will help you to jailbreak and unlock iPhone for free.


What is Jailbreaking of iPhone/iPod Touch ?

With jailbreaking you can modify everything on your iPhone or iPod Touch, add additional applications and even unlock the iPhone for use with another cellular network. Jailbreaking is a hack or a simple process that allows you to gain access to the entire UNIX file system of the iPhone or iPod Touch. Jailbreaking allows you to run applications like “Cydia“, “Winterboard” on the iPhone or iPodTouch, which lets you to add cool programs and customize iPhone/iPod Touch application icons, wallpaper, dock, status bar, keyboard, Ringtones, etc.

Jailbreaking of your iPhone or iPod Touch allows you to run programs that Apple does not approve of. Cydia is the best program to use to get jailbroken apps onto your iPhone or iPod Touch. There is also much popular Winterboard which lets you to install different themes or add visual changes to your device.

Do keep in mind that Jailbreaking though voids the warranty of iPhone and iPod touch handsets is very much required for people who want to use their iPhone with a different carrier. One of the main reason why people go for Jailbreaking is to Unlock their iPhone. Many thanks to the hardworking people who discovered how to break the software restrictions that prevented modifications to the user interface in iPhone and iPod Touch.

Apps and Mods for your Jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch

Cydia : Cydia is much similar to the App Store, that lets you install many applications right on to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Cydia is the best program to get jailbroken apps onto the iPhone or iPod Touch. You can just add the sources where the apps are present and download them directly to your iPhone/iPod Touch.

Winterboard : Winterboard is another cool application that lets you install different themes or visual changes on your iPhone. Apple allows you to put wallpaper only on your lockscreen and not on your Springboard (home screen). With Winterboard, you can just check “User Wallpaper” and have your wallpaper on both the lockscreen and Springboard.

Themes : There are many attractive themes with all kinds of visual changes to your iPhone or iPod Touch including wallpaper, different icons, battery on the locks screen, docks and so on. These themes can be installed through Cydia or manually uploading them to your iPhone through SSH. Whatever way you do it, themes allow you to customize your iPhone to look the way you want it.

Customizing Your Status Bar : You can easily customize your status bar and see what is going on in any running application. You can also add date to already existing time by an application called SBSettings. Battery control application allows changing what the way battery looks. There are a lot more like modifiable applications available like weather, status notifications and changing my carrier.

Live Icons : By jailbreaking the iPhone or iPod touch one can get some hacks that make icons on the home screen live. The clock hands move with the real time and the Weather icon can show the current temperature and weather conditions update right on the icon.

Apart from the above Apps and Mods there are hundreds of Apps that will allow you to do many things with your Jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch.

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