Unlock Your Apple iPhone 3GS Running iPhone OS 3.0 Using Purplesn0w

Written By Sam on 20 July 2009

There is much talk on the Internet about the unlocking of iPhone 3GS. Purplesn0w is one such tool which will help you to unlock iPhone 3GS. Purplesn0w can be to easily unlock your jailbroken iPhone 3GS running OS 3.0. As Purplesn0w is an unapproved application you need to first jailbreak iPhone 3GS to use it. Purplesn0w is developed by Geohot and he says that this unlocking software will improve some of the issues faced by Ultrasn0w developed by the iPhone Dev team.


The improvements made by Geohot are:

  • When the wi-fi connectivity bar has low signal strength, then Purplesn0w corrects it.
  • Rapid battery drain is reduced.
  • Miscellaneous unlock issues are fixed.

You can follow the below steps to unlock iPhone 3GS using Purplesn0w

  1. Cydia should be launched on your iPhone.
  2. Select the “Manage” tab which is present at the bottom of the Cydia Home Screen.
  3. Now in the manage section of Cydia, the second option named “Sources” should be selected.
  4. Click on “Edit” button which is displayed at the top right corner.
  5. Press the “Add” button on the top left corner to add the source.
  6. Now a text box will be displayed in which you have to enter “apt.geohot.com” and press “Add Source” button
  7. Now install com.geohot.purplesnow
  8. Press the Home Button and restart your iPhone which can be done by the following sequence:
    1. Hold the Home Button for 3 seconds
    2. Press the power button on your iPhone
    3. Now move the slider to the right which will power off your iPhone
    4. By holding the power button pressed, simultaneously press the power button again to power ON your iPhone.

    Now you are successful in unlocking iPhone 3GS. After all the above steps you should be able to insert any SIM card which you want in your newly unlocked iPhone 3GS.

    Features of Purplesn0w RC2:

    1. It fixes 3G issues
    2. It patches one file, CommCentre
    3. After it runs, it doesn’t leave any traces on your baseband
    4. It is clean and reliable

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