Rovio Miffed Over Microsoft WP7 Ad Mix-up, Clarifies No Angry Birds on Windows Phone 7 Yet

Written By Sam on 15 October 2010

Call it a well planned marketing gimmick or a genuine advertising mix-up, but recently Microsoft on its new website for the Windows Phone 7 suggested that the hugely popular game Angry Birds was going to be a part of its new OS, and this definitely came as a bit of a surprise to the developers of the game itself.

The incident was noticed when a tech blogger on the WMPower User blog commented that if Microsoft could get a hit game like Angry Birds on the WP7, then it could do wonders for the new operating system, which is just what it might need to make its presence felt in the market.

Of course, when one sees the logo of a popular game on the website of Microsoft’s OS as a part of its launch campaign, one takes it as confirmation that the game is definitely coming to Microsoft’s Smart phones.

However, Rovio Games not happy with others using their intellectual property without their consent, set the record straight as soon as the news got to them through a Tweet, clarifying that they had not committed doing a Windows Phone 7 version at all and Microsoft had used their logo on the WP7 website without their prior permission.

In response to this, Microsoft has readily claimed responsibility and has issued a statement saying that the information was mistakenly put on the website and had already been removed.

On the brighter side, the incident surely has not been blown out of proportion by the game’s developers as they claimed that they were not mad at Microsoft but just wanted to make sure that the facts were clear to everybody. In fact, reports claim that the two are only in the preliminary stages of a discussion. This also means that users of Microsoft smartphones needn’t get disheartened as there still is a strong chance that Rovio will consider developing a version of their Angry Birds application for the Microsoft WP7 as well.

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