Google Analytics Now With More Powerful Features, Flexibility and Intelligence

Written By Sam on 21 October 2009

The search giant, Google, has announced its new set of Google Analytics features that rests on last year’s enterprise-class features. It offers new flexibility to encourage tailor-make and to adapt Google Analytics fitting in to the needs of your endeavor. Finally, The search giant Google introduce its Analytics Intelligence.

Google Analytics is More Powerful Now

Google Analytics features more data manipulation and analysis features which really helps all power-users to get effective analytics about their websites. The engagement Goals allows you to evaluate the user engagement and branding success on your website and also helps you to set thresholds for Pages Per Visit and Time on Site. Moreover, you can set up to 20 different goals per profile.

With expanded Mobile Reporting in this Google Analytics you can track mobile websites and mobile apps, so that you can easily measure phone marketing campaigns. Google Analytics is very useful to optimize content of your mobile website and it also tracks the traffic to your mobile website from all web-enabled devices. To make this possible you have to download the server side code snippet to your mobile website which will be available to all accounts in the forthcoming weeks. Google Analytics will support PHP, Perl, JSP and ASPX sites and naturally, you can track visits to your website coming in from Javascript enabled phones.

If you are an iPhone and Android mobile application developer, you can also track how users pursue with apps. Furthermore, for applications on Android devices, you can tie back to advertisement campaigns: from advertising to market to transfer or download to participation or engagement. To begin with, check out the SDKs and proficient certification on mobile apps tracking. And very soon, you can able to see breakout data on mobile devices and bearers in the new Mobile reports in the visitors part.

There are also many advanced analyzing features like Advanced Table Filtering feature which is added to the armoury of power tools. You can use this tool to do advanced data analysis. Advanced Table Filtering allows you to filter the dustups based on different measured situations. Already it has Pivoting and Secondary Dimensions which helps you see parameter combinations.

More Flexibility in Google Analytics

Many companies have their unique web analytics tracking and reporting demands. It’s all met with two of the tools to organize, adapt and customize the Google Analytics. With addition of multiple custom variables, the tracking API is made easy and it is also very simple to share Custom Reports and Advanced Segments.Custom Variables offers you the power, ability and tractability to customize Google Analytics and also helps to gather the unique site usage data which will be very essential to improve your business. You can use custom variables to assort any count of interactions and conducts on your site. This influential customization capabilities makes Google Analytics an outstanding innovation and also more flexible that can able to meet all kinds of enterprises needs and demands. Multiple custom variables are also on the way and will available soon to all accounts. But just try to learn about them now.

You have another special feature in Google Analytics; It is Sharing Segments and Custom Report Templates. This feature has the ability to distribute and share Custom Reports. Using this, you can share your Custom Report very easily with your team. Just share the URL string of the report to anybody who holds an Analytics account and the pre-formatted Sales report template will be imported to the place you want. You can also share or hide any profiles using Advanced Segments and Custom Reports.

Google Analytics With Built-in Intelligence

Google has unveiled the early phase of an algorithmic driven Intelligence engine to Google Analytics. This new feature will offer automatic alarms of important changes in the data shapes and patterns of your site prosody and dimensions daily, weekly and monthly. In lieu of you having to supervise reports and comb through data, Analytics Intelligence qui vive you to the most substantial data to pay good care and attention to, it helps you to save your time and surface your site’s traffic brainstorms which paves a way to improve your business. Custom Alerts tells about Google Analytics what to watch for. You can set the Custom Alerts everyday, weekly, and monthly which triggers on special dimensions & metrics. Now use this powerful and intelligent Google Analytics features to shape up your business in a better way!

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