Ad Opt-Out Tools From Mozilla, Google and Others to Stop Personalized Target Ads (Firefox to Provide Do Not Track Header)

Written By Sam on 24 January 2011

Mozilla, Google and many other popular Internet browsers are all set to introduce a new feature coined as Ad Opt-Out tools in order to thwart the advertisements that annoy users. Mozilla being the first to implement this “do not track” feature in its FireFox, a feature that allows users to ask the website and advertising networks not to intrude their information or collect their behavior or data.

As per the reports, Mozilla will introduce a browser preference setting, that lets users to select opt-out for third party advertising-based tracking by transmitting a Do Not Track HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) header with every click or page view in the FireFox. Mozilla is expected to submit the technical proposal soon and we might see this feature in FireFox 4.0 in case it gets approved. “Do Not Track” option in FireFox is said to be disabled by default once implemented into the browser and upon enabling it,this feature will allows users to opt-out of targeted advertising. Once the option is enabled, this feature sends a “Do Not Track” HTTP header to websites indicating that the users have chosen not to have their actions used for tracking or targeted advertising. Making things simpler for users, Mozilla expects full cooperation from all the sites in implementing this feature and making web better in long run.

Internet Explorer 9 will also enable users to block some of the ad networks that intrude users information. Though many other methodologies and several ideas were available, Do Not Track mechanism that emphasis the header technique seemed certainly worthy. Google is also speculated to be revealing a similar move following the Mozilla’s Do Not Track theme. Expected to reveal a tool called “Keep My Opt-Outs” for Chrome, Google might release this as an extension that lets users to opt-out targeted ads from several companies of their choice. We have to wait until these features are officially launched, and this might take some time.

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