Display Your Google Analytics Data to Public With Google Analyticator Plugin

Written By Sam on 23 May 2009

Google Analytics is a very good service from Google which will help the webmasters to know more about their websites. With the help of Google Analytics you can analyze the performance of your websites. You can get information about keywords, traffic sources, unique visitors, demographics etc. Until now it was not really easy to share your traffic data with others. But now with the help of Analyticator plugin for WordPress you can display your Google Analytics traffic data on your website.


Analyticator plugin allows WordPress users to easily configure tracking and reporting of Google Analytics data. You can just install the plugin without having to manually edit the WordPress template files. The plugin uses Google Analytics Data Export API to retrieve the unique visitor information and display it on your blog.

Features of Google Analyticator

  • Standard Google Analytics tracking support.
  • Provides a widget to display visitor stats.
  • External link tracking of all links on a page, including links not managed by WordPress.
  • Downloading of link tracking data.
  • Support for hiding Admin visits.
  • Support for any advanced tracking code Google provides
  • You just need to know your Analytics UID to use it.
  • You can place the code in the footer to ensure faster load times.

4 Responses to “Display Your Google Analytics Data to Public With Google Analyticator Plugin”

  1. Raju says:

    Nice widget, but I am yet to see anyone using it on their site!

    • Samrat P says:


      I think most of the blog owners never want to share their traffic details or webmasters might think that it might not be really useful to show the data…

  2. Nice Tool for webmasters I will be try it.

  3. tech tips says:

    really nice tool i can’t give it a try because i don’t have much traffic to show

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