Xbox 360 Retains Best-seller Tag in the US for Fifth Consecutive Month; Outsells PS3 and Wii

Written By Sam on 20 November 2010

It is not surprising that Xbox 360 has attained top status in sales of gaming consoles, overtaking PS3 and Wii. So far Microsoft reports that till October 2010 sales exceeded 3.5 million units and sales have been climbing steadily. The Xbox360 has retained top spot for five months running.

This continuing success of the Xbox 360 relies hugely on the availability of gaming software. This is where Microsoft has scored significantly over the others since it has 6 of the 10 top console games available for the month with such popular games as Halo:Reach and FableIII. This amply demonstrates the fact that without adequate software even the best gaming stations will take a beating.

While gaming hardware sales may have dipped, gaming software sales have shown an increasingly higher sales and with Microsoft having the most of the best gaming softwares it is inevitable that the Xbox should reach top figures. The gaming customer is always in need of more exciting and more involving games as can be seen from the tremendous blockbuster popularity of Call of duty : Black Ops. Xbox 369 reportedly garnered 59% of the Black Ops market against the far behind 36% of PS3.

Now with the Xbox 360 Kinect in the fray with more than 1 million units sold in 10 days, Sony and Nintendo have stiff competition on their hands and unless they come up with better offers, it is likely Microsoft will continue to lead the pack with its Xbox 360. The figures for October at 325000 units against 250000 of PS3 and 232000 of Nintendo Wii alone speak for the existing strong position of the firmly entrenched Xbox360.

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