Kinect Brings New Dimension to Motion-sensing Games; Accessory Not Safe from Hackers

Written By Sam on 9 November 2010

Microsoft Kinect brings a whole new dimension and experience to motion sensing gaming. Beating Nintendo and Sony in making this leap in motion sensing arena, Kinect gives players the chance to control select title with just the movement of their bodies. No more using a device or controller, the camera system picks up any 3D motion as well as voice and converts it into playback, letting you play your favorite games and entertainment. The device literally turns you into the controller.

Microsoft put this new gaming accessory for sale this as part of their Xbox 360 in North America.

The massive launch took place in New York City with much celebration and aplomb. The event was marked by star-studded appearances and dance routines. And Microsoft is looking forward to sales to the tune of 5 million within the year. That’s just under two months. They are offering 17 Kinect-enabled titles. These include games in various genres like dance, fitness, racing, family and sports. It’s a device that gets everyone in the house into gaming mode.

Don Mattrick, President, Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft proudly attributes the final product to years of research and experiments and high end engineering to make a sophisticated and technologically advanced product which is still simple to use and is affordable to the masses. 

In related news, a user has posted his infrared experiment on YouTube to show how the Kinect works and how exciting the technology really is. The film was made using infrared goggles and it claims to have captured thousands of invisible dots in the living room area where it was shot. If you really want to get an idea about the way the Kinect works, watching this video seems like worth a shot.

There is also another update. Even within a week of Kinect’s release, this Xbox 360 add-on has suffered at the hands of hackers. As per a recent YouTube video, the hacker seems to have taken control of the motion sensing system. This has brought Adafruit Industries, a New York based firm, to offer a bounty of $2000 to the hacker as it feels that the Kinect system is too good to be restricted only to the Xbox gaming system. It is now to be seen how Microsoft aims to tackle the problem to its newly-launched state-of-the-art gaming technology. 

The Kinect unit alone is available for $149.99. Coupled with the Xbox 360 4GB Console it will cost you $299.99.

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