No Plans to Bring Mario or Other Nintendo Games to iOS Says Nintendo

Written By Sam on 5 July 2010

Many gaming companies have turned their way to App store, specifically companies like Sega and EA have also sold games for Apple’s platform. Even Microsoft has also created apps for iPhone. The only company which is still holding back is Nintendo. The company president Satoru Iwata says that they do not have any plans to create apps for iPhone. Further during a recent Q&A session he says that the company will never sell software on another company’s hardware, since the hardware of other companies is not good enough. He adds that when it comes to creating devices, other companies do not share Nintendo’s values and traditions. So they so not have any plans to do it.

From the above speech, it is very clear that Nintendo will not create software in any other company’s platform. Until that change, we can keep our Donkey Kong, Super Mario, and Zelda fantasies exclusive to our Nintendo consoles or unofficial ROM’s. If Nintendo is not too firm in its decision, it could bring more possibilities.

via TUAW

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