Call of Duty – Black Ops Smashes all Records; Crosses $650m Mark in 5 Days

Written By Sam on 19 November 2010

In what could be termed a record of sorts, Call of Duty – Black Ops seems to have smashed all previous records in game sales, reaching a figure of well over $650 million in just 5 days since it was launched. This game made $360 million from retail sales in just 24 hours in the US and UK alone. No other game has come anywhere near this in terms of popularity or sales. Black Ops has created entertainment history of sorts by toppling all previous records in terms of box office sales!

Black Ops is the sequel to the much-loved and all time hit Modern Warfare 2. This is, perhaps, the best all time version of the Call of Duty series and features highly-enhanced vivid graphics, exotic weapons, sophisticated gameplay and in general a far higher level of refinement over the previous versions. More than 7 million units were sold, 36% for PS3 and 59% for Xbox360. Black Ops has answered the ever increasing craving for enhanced experience by providing intensely impressive audiovisual effects combined with mind-blowing gameplay plan into this version, holding the gameplayers spellbound and immersed in this exciting new version. ‘There is a soldier in all of us’ is the tag this game carries and has been indubitably proved beyond any doubt. It carries the ‘M’ rating.

Activision probably never anticipated such extreme figures and is enjoying the stupendous success. They can now rightly claim to have the most talented team of game developers.

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