Stream HD Movies Instantly on PS3 With VUDU App

Written By Sam on 24 November 2010

Sony’s PlayStation 3 has taken the gaming era to the next level. Encompassed with amazing features PS3 is the most desired console in the market. Along with the enhanced features, Sony is announced addition of VUDU service to its PS3, which is certainly a cherry on top. All the Sony PlayStation 3 users in United States of America can now access the movie streaming service called VUDU via their consoles, as Sony has announced the availability of the service for everyone’s delight. For those unaware of VUDU application, it is an impressive service that not only offers users, 5.1-surround sound on movies via Dolby Digital Plus but also enables them to stream high quality 1080 HD content directly from their consoles.

As per Sony’s announcement, VUDU service on PlayStation 3 would provide access to around 4,000 full HD movies based on subscription to their movie library. VUDU also allows users to pay for the titles they choose to watch instead of the traditional monthly subscription based service. Aiming to roll out its new VUDU 2.0 interface, VUDU would offer updates to all PlayStation 3 users, which is really gratifying.

VUDU For PlayStation 3

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