VUDU too on PS3 from Nov 23; Will Allow Users to Stream Movies in HD Formats at No Subscription

Written By Sam on 19 November 2010

The PS3 is already a host to three video rental services, and Sony has just announced that VUDU too would be available on the PS3. While this may seem like a redundant move by Sony, it actually makes sense as VUDU fills a gap that the other 3 services were lacking in.

Netflix allows the user to stream movies but comes with a binding subscription only. Hulu only provides TV shows and no movies. And finally, the PS Video Marketplace lets users make individual purchases but which need to be downloaded into the PS3 console first.

This is where VUDU comes in. Sony has been pretty smart in roping in VUDU’s services that allow the users to stream movies in HD formats with surround sound effects at no subscription.

VUDU offers users the option of a ‘pay-as-you-watch’ plan that only charges them if and when they stream a movie, instead of charging them for a whole month’s usage whether or not they make use of the service that often or not.

PS3 owners can start using the service November 23 onwards, which is when it will be made available. For normal movie prints, rentals would cost around $2, but if streaming movies in HD, then these rentals are expected to go up to $4 to $6.

There’s a small $6 credit offer for users who choose to open an account with VUDU, so you can be assured of getting to watch at least one free movie in HD even if you never use the service again. It’s a no loss offer for the user.

However, the VUDU movie service is available only in the US for the time being. Users in Europe, Canada and Australia will have to make do with their current movie provider for now.

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