Sony Updates PS3 Firmware to 3.42 To Fix PS JailBreak Exploits PSGroove, PSJailBreak and PSFreedom

Written By Sam on 8 September 2010

Sony released a firmware update (v3.42) to its most popular gaming console PlayStation 3. Designed to fix the PS Jailbreak exploits (PSGroove, PSJailBreak and PSFreedom), this firmware update was a suprise announcement from Sony. If you have jailbroken PS3 that runs with such expoits then it is better you do not update it to the firmware 3.42 at all, however this firmware upgradation becomes compulsory in case you want to access the PlayStation Network or Stores.

Experts say that you can bypass this PS3 Firmware v3.42 update by using Logan5 PS3 Proxy Tool. You can do so by keeping the Firmware Update box unchecked or by setting the IP: as your primary & secondary DNS on your PS3. But there are chances that Sony might detect thru Backup Manager and other homebrew applications, so be a little cautious whilst doing so as the console can be banned if caught!

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