iGUGU InterneTV to Deliver PC and Internet-based Content to Your TV

Written By Sam on 5 January 2011

iGugu, a manufacturer of entertainment technology products, is gearing to demonstrate InterneTV, touted as an easy-to-use solution enabling consumers to stream most PC- and internet-based content to the TV, at the 2011 International CES.

The company claims that unlike most other internet content streaming solutions, its latest solution is PC-based and will allow it to stream virtually any content that can be viewed on the PC to a TV using a handheld RF remote control. Here’s a little technical detail. At the core of InterneTV is a software application, which brings both subscription-based and free content from a variety of websites so you get to search, access and view any video content of your choice.

The iGUGU InterneTV system consists of:

  • A compact handheld wireless remote control
  • Wireless or cable-based options to connect your PC to your TV
  • A software application aggregating free and subscription-based content on the Net.

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