Sony PS3 Firmware Update v3.40 Adds PlayStation Plus Support

Written By Sam on 29 June 2010

Sony has released a new firmware update for its popular gaming consoles – Play Station 3 (PS3) and Play Station Portable (PSP). PS3 firmware update v3.40 adds support for Sony’s latest PlayStation Plus Service and many more features. Other features include Video Editor and Uploader, Improved support for Facebook and Picasa, direct video uploads to YouTube and Facebook and power saving settings.

Features in PS3 Firmware V3.40

  • PlayStation Plus – PlayStation Plus is a subscription based service on the PlayStation Network that provides you with exclusive premium content and features for games. PlayStation Plus members can download some of the PSN games for free on a monthly basis. Users will also gain access to full game trials and exclusive access to certain demos and beta trials.
  • Video Editor and Uploader – This new feature found on XrossMediaBar (XMB) allows you to edit, save and upload videos saved on your PS3 to YouTube and Facebook.
  • Photo Gallery – Photo Gallery on PS3 is updated and now it allows you to upload, browse and comment on photos present in Facebook and Picasa Web Album. Users can also share photos between PlayStation Network friends.
  • Power Save Settings – The default PS3 Auto-Off is set to 2 hours which will definitely save the power when your console is not used.
  • Five Star Rating – User can now rate the PSN Store content on a 1-5 scale.

Update PS3 Firmware Automatically

On your PS3 go to Settings –> System Update –> Update via Internet to update your PS3 firmware to the latest version.

Update PS3 Firmware Manually

Download PS3 Firmware v3.40 from here – PS3 firmware v3.40 US download (167 MB) to a USB drive and then go to Settings –> System Update –> Update via Storage Media to update your PS3 firmware.

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