Sony Products Worth Over $1000,000 Stolen in Two Days in Canada

Written By Sam on 20 November 2010

Sony may or may not receive this piece of news as a direct or indirect advertisement for the desirability of their PSPs and PS3s, which were stolen over the course of two days and have yet to be traced or recovered.

A transport trailer loaded with over $500,000 worth Sony equipment, mostly PSPs and PS3s, vanished in Canada’s Peel region located to the west of Toronto. This happened last Monday. The very next day, another trailer with a similar lot valued at $50,000 with PSP and PS3 vanished. Both are presumed to have been stolen and the consignee did not find out about the theft until Wednesday. Police in Brampton and Peel region have absolutely no leads on these two thefts. The only constructive thing the police have done so far is to warn people that possession of stolen property is theft and not to buy any such Sony products offered to them.

Were it a small truckload or a vanload, it would not have been surprising. What is surprising is that not just one but two container loads have managed to disappear into thin air, no one saw anything, there are no leads, all of which lead to speculation that these two thefts were pre-planned and well- coordinated. There is also speculation that there exists a huge gray market for Sony play stations and game consoles, which may have triggered these two thefts. After all anyone who can get one of these consoles on the cheap is not likely to report it, is he?

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