DROID by Motorola – The Next Generation Smartphone and an iPhone Killer?

Written By Sam on 29 October 2009

Verizon Wireless’s DROID By Motorola is the world’s First Smartphone with Android 2.0. The outflank 3G mobile with high-speed internet browsing, customizable mammoth screen, voice-activated search, flexible graphical user line, hundreds of widgets and many Android applications. DROID is a Motorola’s new handy mobile will hit the market on Nov. 6.

Verizon Wireless, the biggest wireless 3G broadband network company, and Motorola, an initiator of many new models in the mobile industry, revealed DROID by Motorola. It is the first smartphone provided by Android 2.0. DROID by Motorola and the key features includes the learning ability and fast speed of a modern smartphone, specially designed under strategic joint venture with Google to break other Smartphones features.


DROID by Motorola offers its customers a lifestyle gadget with entrée to about 12,000 applications. DROID by Motorola is the only slim full-QWERTY slider mobiles available with smart interior and solid outer appearance. It is a high-tech, location-aware, no-fuss, voice-recognizing, over-the-air updating, multi-task capacity and it will available for you soon.

With DROID by Motorola

  • You can Zip through the internet: Get at the Internet at 3G speeds through any Wi-Fi hotspot or form the nation’s biggest and most dependable 3G network.
  • You can view the Web, e-mail, Google Maps, movies and more in largescreen with superb 3.7” high-resolution.
  • You can run multiple applications simultaneously. You can modify DROID with thousands of apps and hundreds of gadgets existing on Android Market.
  • You can do Google Search at very fast speed and also with sound: Simply tell DROID what you need for exploitation voice-activated search, and it will serve Google search results based on your setting. DROID will also search content on your phone like applications, content and contacts, and the internet, if you simply type what you are searching on the home screen
  • You have Snap digital camera with a 5 megapixel and features dual-LED flash, image stabilization and AutoFocus or you can capture your friend’s pranks in 16 million colors with high DVD-caliber. You have 16 GB memory card to store all your sweet memories in hand.
  • You can Multi-task like a master by Keeping tabs on all your messages with incorporated Gmail and swap e-mail in your way. With the multipurpose Android notification panel, you can go straight to the message and reply to it or simply disregard it, and get back to the task at hand. And, with the smart dictionary you can automatically includes your contacts with first letter.
  • DROID is the first gadget with Google Maps Navigation. It’s provided by connected to the Internet and to Google. Use this option and navigate your location.

In-built Applications and Enhancements to Google Mobile Services


Google Maps: you have many layers in Google Maps that helps to view geographic information pages, like Wikipedia, My Maps, and right on the map, transit lines.
Gmail: it also offers multiple accounts support and undo for all usual procedures.
YouTube: you can record and playback from home screen widget or app in one-touch and also one-touch sharing with friends, and has the power to uploaded your own videos.
Google Talk: it is very easy to switch between chats, chat history, and to preview pictures and videos sent through the links.
Amazon MP3 Store: Download the latest tracks over the air.
Android Market: Browse and download apps created by others.
You can delete, reply and forward voice mail messages using Verizon Wireless Visual Voice Mail.

Pricing and Availability of DROID by Motorola

DROID by Motorola will first hit the market of United States exclusively at Verizon Wireless Communications Stores and online on Friday, Nov. 6, with a price tag of $199.99. This offer comes with a two-year customer agreement after a $100 mail-in discount.

To get this wonderful DROID by Motorola smartphone in you hand, you need to subscribe to a Nationwide voice plan for monthly access for 450 minutes at $39.99 and an Email and Web for Smartphone plan for monthly access at $29.99.

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