Verizon iPhone to Use Existing Plans; No Different from AT&T’s

Written By Sam on 11 January 2011

There were rumors that Verizon would launch an iPhone and these seem to solidify with yet another announcement that this will be coupled with existing service plans for subscribers. Verizon is expected to announce the iPhone this week which probably involves an unlimited data plan which is something AT&T is not offering its new subscribers. Reuters is credited with this piece of interesting news.

Details of modalities of the unlimited data plans are not clear. At present Verizon has 5GB limit on data transfers through tethered usage, WWAN and USB modem connectivity services for the PC. Smartphone users report unlimited data transfer facility. If indeed this unlimited data plan becomes applicable to the iPhone then quite a large number of subscribers may move from AT&T to Verizon.

The services of Verizon and AT&T are nearly identical except for some differences according to regions and family as well as business plans. Basic differences are :

  • Verizon permits users to make unlimited calls to five listed contacts. AT&T has rollover minutes.
  • AT&T offers only 200 MB and 2GB data transfer plans with an additional $20 if the iPhone is used in conjunction with a laptop for 3G services. Verizon offers unlimited data at $30 per month with an extra $30 if used with a laptop or a computer and a 5GB usage is included. With an Exchange Server, smart phone usage could attract an additional $15 per month.
  • Verizon has broader and reportedly better 3G in rural areas and some cities. AT&T rules in metros like New York and San Francisco. AT&T users can roam globally on other carriers at a high price with voice and data usage simultaneously. On Verizon the users have to terminate a call to make use of browsing or push message services.

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