How’s the Verizon iPhone 4 Different From the AT&T iPhone 4?

Written By Sam on 13 January 2011

Verizon has finally announced the iPhone 4 on its networks and it will be available from February 10. The device is the same as the iPhone 4 on AT&T except for the CDMA chip. It has the usual front facing camera, the Apple A4 chip, HD video recording and a retina display. Before deciding on your carrier simply have a look at the differences and select the one that suits you best.

Price: $199 16GB / $299 32GB $199 16GB / $299 32GB
Data Plans: 200MB at $15

2GB at $25

2GB with tethering at $45

150MB at $15*

Unlimited data at $29.99*

Unlimited data with 2GB tethering at $49.99*

Voice Plans: 450 minutes at $39.99

900 minutes at $59.99

Unlimited minutes at $69.99

450 minutes at $39.99*

900 minutes at $59.99*

Unlimited minutes at $69.99*

Messaging Plans: 200 messages at $5

1500 messages at $15

Unlimited messages at $20

250 messages at $5*

500 messages at $15*

5000 messages at $20*

Early Upgrades at Launch:
Global Roaming:
Simultaneous 3G Voice/Data:
Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot Feature:
4G Data (HSPA+/LTE):

Note: Verizon has not confirmed pricing for the iPhone 4 yet and pricing given here are based on their smartphone pricing options.

How would you interpret this for your benefit?

Simultaneous Voice/Data Over 3G

AT&T has an advantage here. You can simultaneously be on a voice call while using the multitasking feature of the iPhone to browse the net. Verizon iPhone uses a CDMA chip which means you cannot carry on both activities at the same time. It is either data or voice on Verizon iPhone 4.

Data, Texts and Calls

Verizon users, however, will benefit from their unlimited plans with or without tethering. There will be no additional charges for exceeding limits. AT&T plans benefit those with a low data usage rate. For voice calls both are more or less on par.

Messaging on AT&T gets you more value for money if a user likes to send text, pictures and videos. In plain texting Verizon has a slight edge with 250 text messages at $5 whereas AT&T offers only 200 for this price. Above the base level, AT&T has better bundles, typically unlimited text at $ 20 whereas Verizon offers only 5000 for the same price.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Verizon will offer a personal hotspot enabling connection of up to 5 devices to the iPhone via Wi-Fi and use its data connection. iPad users will benefit since they can connect the iPad to the iPhone in a Wi-Fi environment and use the 3G connection. There are options on using the USB or Bluetooth connection along with a PC or a laptop.  

Early Upgrades

A contract with AT&T may enable you to get a new iPhone when launched. Verizon has not provided any clear cut option so far.

4G Data

Neither AT&T nor Verizon provide 4G support currently for the iPhone so you can either wait or go in for another device.


Coverage is the deciding factor. Before selecting the carrier check for coverage in your area of operation. Verizon is said to have good coverage in the interiors while AT&T is concentrated in the metropolitan areas.

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