Guide to Switching Over From AT&T to Verizon For iPhone

Written By Sam on 13 January 2011

For a long time now iPhone users have been tied into AT&T. Things have changed now with Verizon announcing the iPhone 4 on its networks. Some of its services have an edge and may induce users to switch from AT&T to Verizon networks. If you are planning to do so, here are the steps:

First of all, it is necessary to migrate your current phone number to Verizon. It might also be possible to migrate the home phone number. Also be warned that if you plan to switch carriers before termination of the contract, AT&T might charge an early termination fee. If the contract period is already over, then there is not much to worry.

  • Find your current contract status if you are still contracted to AT&T and one way to do this is to check your account online with AT&T.
  • Once logged in, go to Bill & Payments>View Account Profile>User Information where your contract date should be listed on the final tab. Another way to check is to dial *693# from your phone and you will receive a text message showing when the contract will end.The ETF structures were revised by AT&T in May 2010.The ETF is $325 less $ 10 for every full month of the contract that has already passed. For example, a standard phone bought before June 1, 2010 attracts an ETF of $ 175 less $5 for each month that has passed. A feature phone attracts only $ 150 by way of ETF less $ 4 for each full month that has elapsed.
  • Check that your number can be transferred to Verizon networks. This can be done by checking Verizon’s website and using its online tool.
  • Get together the papers and documents for the transfer. This will include the current AT&T Bill, your SSN, driver’s license and credit card. New customers may not have to provide the bill. Existing Verizon customers may log on to Verizon’s website and use their tool to check eligibility for upgrade discounts.

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