Subscribers of Sprint 3G Services Will Now Have to Pay Additional $10 ‘Premium Data Fee’

Written By Sam on 22 January 2011

Verizon and AT&T both have unlimited data plans on their 3G networks which, however, carry a cap, effectively modifying the meaning of the term ‘unlimited’. In this perspective, Sprint has tried keeping up to its promise of ‘unlimited’. Besides its AnyMobile, Anytime feature has been giving its subscribers ‘unlimited’ calling to any other wireless user of any carrier in the US. 

Against this backdrop, the announcement by Sprint that it will charge an extra $ 10/month to cover the Premium Data add on charge during activation  of smartphones, may not create much of a negative impact of impression on subscribers. In fact, this $10 fee was applicable to the 4G handsets previously but will now be applicable to all smartphones. Existing users of non-4G phones will not be charged extra until they upgrade their phones or avail of new smartphone services.

Sprint has been quick to justify its increase to introduce newer, improved services on its wireless network. The company has also promised to introduce new features to its premium service.

Some might grumble, but most users are likely to pay up happily. In fact, most subscribers hope that Sprint will offer more than the current stable of phones (EVO, EVO Shift and EPIC). Sprint does offer a new phone every year at new customer pricing for old customers, which is usually better than the offerings of its competitors. The increase is scheduled to come into effect from 30 January.

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