SBRotator Adds Support for iOS 4 and Gets Improved In-App Rotation

Written By Sam on 12 July 2010

SBRotator for Jailbroken iPhone has been updated to include the support for iOS 4. With SBRotator you can make your iPhone behave like an iPad. SBRotator rotates your SpringBoard in every of the possible 4 orientations automatically, when you rotate your device. Apart from rotating the icons it also rotates the user interface on your iPhone.

What’s New in SBRotator 2.0

  • Added support for iOS4
  • Improved in-app rotation
  • Improved list icons or dock icons positioning
  • Added option for independent background rotation or animation
  • Added 3rd rotation mode, semi-mode can now also scroll left-right
  • Added background transitions
  • Added 10 extended animations for the main view
  • Added option to override Shrink on landscape
  • Added custom icon positioning/spacing adjustment
  • Improved statusbar icon behavior

Interested users with jailbroken iPhone can purchase SBRotator 2.0 for $1.99 from the Cydia Store.

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